Welcome to UIDC 2018

We´re looking forward to your contribution to the Urban International Design Contest and hope you will enjoy your participation and creation of a study for your city!

We believe visualization is  important in the dialogue when presenting ideas and plans for our cities. Visualisation in 4D gives a greater understanding and especially for things not yet seen or built in the urban environment.

The 4D tool is gaming engine based, flexible and has the option of multi users. You will find more about that below but more important you will find all information needed on how to get started with 4D and everything needed for training.
You´ll  get the hang of it in no time!

Best wishes from 4dialog

Technical information
The 4D tool and computer requirements

Map data requirements
How to get started
How to get started with visualization for UIDC
How to navigate in the 4D model

Training tutorials
Lab 1. Start building in 4D
Video Tutorials 
Lab 2. Inventory 
Lab 3. Textures 
Submissions 2017
UIDC 4Dmodels
UIDC reports